bet on red and black

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Bet on red and black betting life savings on roulette

Bet on red and black

Figure 1 — Development of cash balance when betting the same amount on red or black in Roulette. The record series of the same color are quite interesting. There were three different numbers that came up 4 times in a row at various moments of the test. Number 24 occurred in four consequent spins 34, to 34,, number 20 in the spins 49, to 49, and finally number 8 in the spins 81, to 81, Table 2 — Records, statistics, probabilities and final balance of the "red or black" test.

Table 3 provides frequencies of red and black color regardless of the outcome of the bet , but also other even-money bets. The total of the frequencies of even-money bets and zeros must logically equal , Roulette spins. We can also see that the number of losses were bigger by 2, spins. Table 5 presents the longest losing series that took 16 consequent spins. The series occurred at the end of the test, when our cash balance was bad enough anyway. The even-money bets in Roulette, especially betting on red or black color, are very popular.

However the test and its course see the Figure 1 proved that it was not a good strategy to win or to preserve a reasonable balance in Roulette. The house edge took shape very soon. At the beginning of the test we were able to earn a bit, but afterwards it was followed by a steady decline. We do not support this statement by this test only. As the simulation was carried out in Excel, it was possible to repeat it numerously.

To achieve positive final balance by this way of betting turned out to be virtually impossible. And you would be better off trying out one of the red and black roulette system strategies instead. Some players swear by one of the various roulette betting strategies for red and black techniques that can also be used on odd or even.

These strategies tend to rely variously on sequences, including increasing your bets until you win. Perhaps the best known is the Martingale strategy. Its simplicity is what makes it so popular. However, when you lose, you must double your bet, and keep doing so until you win. Less popular, and a little bonkers is the Labouchere roulette strategy for red and black. You need a pen and paper to keep track because it involves adding and subtracting numbers from your betting sequence.

Another popular choice is the Paroli betting system , which is often known as the Reverse Martingale. Here, you stay with your base bet when you lose, but increase your wager when you win. Win a pre-determined number of spins in a row, such as four, and you then start again at the base number. The good news is, yes, you can! The bad news is, only once and again. You can not win in the long-term because no matter which roulette black and red betting strategy you employ, the house always has an edge in roulette.

Because of the green zero number in roulette. When the ball lands on zero, all red or black bets are lost unless you are playing a peculiar French roulette version. Of course, there are short-term, freakish runs of red or black that might help you make a big profit in one particular roulette session, but over time it will all even itself out.

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