how to bet on mouse races

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Question: What value lies in a reference work? Why should you bother to consult these books? Answer: Reference books help create a framework around your topic. They can help guide you in asking the right questions.

How to bet on mouse races agapiou escuela de danza nicosia betting

How to bet on mouse races

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Firstly it has been done for years without cryptocurrencies , sometimes pitting them against each others for fights or worse deathmatches They are exploitative in nature and the violent ones fights are downright abuse and often illegal for very good reasons. Probably having a lot more fun racing with their buddies than getting injected with chems everyday and left to sit in a shit lab cage all by themselves.

You don't need to justify to me or anyone else. I spoke up because it seemed the right thing to do. Like I said, not here to make a big deal. I'll be the first to respond to this whether you make a big deal of it or not you are putting a road spike down that just isn't realistic.

Here are the facts. In this situation they are financially directly benefited by the gerbils and in return the gerbils receive the following:. They remain in a family. They burn their energy running on a track instead of a plastic ball or wheel in a childs room.

They are well cared for unlike children who forget to feed and water their pets constantly They receive bi-weekly or monthly veterinary care unlike home gerbils who basically live and die without consideration They receive the highest premium food. They do not have to worry about predators like owls and eagles eating them. From what I understand they can re-produce. They have toys and other creature comforts.

In what world is your idea of "the right thing to do? Or an eagle would be shitting out it's bones. Or you could refrain from building a gambling industry requiring the breeding and exploitation of these animals for your own profit. You are advocating for these animals' rights to comfortable living conditions so you should be able see how "right" it would be to avoid this as it will inevitably lead to poor living conditions for some of them.

You just seem to value the potential profits you can make off of those living creatures more than their comfort. You've just built a straw man the abusive child and outlined how much you wouldn't be as abusive that, completely ignoring that such an industry always rests on the exploitation of animals and lead to abuses.

You're most likely fine with this, like many people are fine with exploiting animals or even killing them to eat them I'm one of them actually but pretending that it's "right" is a moral consideration that isn't really consistent with what you impose on these animals for your profit.

You have your own conscience and you should act on it like they did. You are pointing to corporate greed as a straw man. Look here's a straw man there's a straw man everyone can have a straw man! Let's talk about corporate greed and "exploitation" for a moment. Corporate greed dictates that mice dying or living in unhealthy conditions drives down profit.

This creates an incentive to not have that happening. As far as exploitation - A mouse is never forced to run, in fact many games have the mice falling asleep right in the starting lane. They are simply moved to a track where they have the option to move. Now I could sit and argue all day about right and moral and blah blah blah but tbh I have masterbating and other things more important than spewing common sense on Reddit.

Hypothetical scenarios under which corporate greed leads to bad animal conditions. Come talk to me when they have a tyson chicken farm where the chickens are stacked 6 feet high and 25, sq feet wide shoulder to shoulder and maybe I'll digress you were right. Your example, an abusive child, is a straw man because it is specific and describe only one possible alternative for the fate of these animals with only negative outcomes. Greed isn't a straw man, it is the motivation behind this gambling, you aren't doing it for the pleasure of these mice.

It also dictate that mice that are not profitable in races because they refuse to race or become too slow when they get old or sick are useless and should be destroyed in favor of more profitable ones. The abuse and exploitation of animals in the gambling circles aren't "hypothetical" I have just linked two sources documenting them and there are plenty more cases like these. You pretending that they are hypotheticals is just a display of bad faith.

I don't have to wait for the same system to replicate the same results and I also have better things to do than argue with people who use fallacious arguments and deny reality, so bye and have a nice day. But seriously, some people just thought it would be fun to race some mice? I think it's great. This is not some corporate overarching industry, it's literally a bunch of people that thought it would be fun to race some mice and allow people to bet on it.

I wish I'd thought of this, it's a bloody brilliant idea. I eat pigs and cows and chickens and I bet on gerbil racing. Luckily for them I don't enjoy mouse meat! I live with my inconsistencies and admit them, but some people like to just blindly say it's "normal" or "right" to do these things. It's literally some people who thought it would be fun to make dogs race, it's literally some people who thought it would be fun to make horses race, etc.

And then make a business out of betting on those The fact that we both eat meat in a system that was built to make us eat meat and enjoy it isn't a justification to continue creating new ways to exploit other animals in new ways. Your only justification right now is "because it's fun" and you decide to disregard the actual comfort of other living creatures. If you're fine admitting this, good, if you're not and want to say it's "right" to do it you'll need a better justification to introduce morality in this.

Oh man, you made a really well thought out comment so I have to respond. My remark about your life was a shitty joke, sorry about that. I know that's a fallacy fallacy of relative privation? For a start, you're using a slippery slope argument to try and say that mouse racing is immoral, because other industries involving animal racing sometimes allow abuse of animals.

Sure, it's possible that an industry might spring up around this mouse-racing, and the mice might get abused. But that's totally hypothetical. Secondly, mice are arguably less sentient than dogs and horses, they are also used in cruel animal experiments to help us with medical science which I believe is a sacrifice worth making.

And in this racing scenario, they are not being mistreated - in fact as the other poster said they are being allowed to run around, be fed and generally have much more comfort than a wild mouse might have. So your point about me justifying this by simply saying "it's fun" is false, I do think it's fun but I also believe these creatures are being treated better than the majority.

As someone that eats meat yourself, I'm inclined to believe you may be a bit of a hypocrite - You probably eat pigs or chickens that have been raised in much worse circumstances compared to wild animals. I mean, I have too, I'm not judging you. But it seems a bit disingenious to then get worked up over some mice that are running about something they do in their natural habitat. Whatever man, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree Because like I said I think this is a great idea.

Would it be funny to you if similar arguments were used to justify slavery? So would it surprise you if they were selling lamps, lamps sellers use the same arguments they used for slaves as well? But at least with mice we're not pretending there's not some beast of an eastern european dude with prison tattoos responding in chat "ty bb : gold for sucktime.

Turner and his assistant, Ray Gillespie, coolly work to get things up and running again. In past years, the St. Louis Pirates youth baseball club held its mouse races at the Maryland Heights Community Center, but that fell through this year. Turner and Gillespie pop open plastic totes and extract extension cords. His grandfather Harvey Coffee was St.

People magazine profiled Coffee in , photographing him with a tiny checkered flag and two of his mice, Hot Pants and Streaker. Then the bulbs zap back on. The techno fires back up, and the little metal gates pop open. Through his headset, Turner calls the race as fast as an auctioneer, his words running together.

At first, peppy Trailer Trash seems a sure winner—before getting distracted by an exercise wheel halfway down the track. He runs on it for the rest of the race. In the meantime, Cat Bait skitters over the finish line, taking the race by a wide lead. The winner will eventually face off against the fastest mice of the night. Bill gets lots of hoots and hollers, and so does Cheez Whiz. As Trailer Trash proved, though, you can put your funny money where you want.

At the end of the day, all bets are off.

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This past Saturday, I had my first experience as a mouse race organizer. Here are seven simple tips on running your own fundraising race course. Tracks can be attractive, as well as functional. Find a local artist to add lane coloration, stick-on numbers and finishing lines. That means your track has more than form, it also has class. The more impish, the better. Treat your mice right prior to raceday. Get a nice big packing tub, then distribute chip shavings around the base. Add some water receptacles.

Throw in some sheltering cardboard, like toilet paper rings or cracker boxes. Patiently explain that your mice came from a small holding rack, filled with dozens of other mice, all headed for snake bellies. So your mice will have actually had a vacation, but be prepared to argue that point. The strange desire to just keep a couple.

There were some pretty funny names at this party…. In between the races, guests get to enjoy some mouse roulette. At this party, the guests were given raffle tickets. If the mouse they bet on won the race, they put their ticket in a bucket. Later on, those tickets were drawn out of the bucket for prizes. Speaking of the prizes, they gave away lots of gift cards ranging from restaurants to gas stations.

Good prizes always make the games more fun! This special party activity is a great idea for holiday parties or other group events. For example, RMI was in town for their annual meeting and this made for a perfect fun night out! Search for:. Now what? Request Event Info. Name required.