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Sakena abetting

Social activists say that attempts to rehabilitate sex workers in this former monarchy call for special efforts to up. Decades of conflict have left South Sudan with some of the world's worst health and educational indicators, contribut. The Lebanese army seized a ship last weekend carrying three containers filled with weapons reportedly intended for Sy. Quietly and against the odds, women are stepping up the political ladder in Latin America, moving ahead of the United.

Farima Samake, a widow living in the village of Gwelekoro in the south of Mali, regrets obeying her husband when he t. The guilty verdict on 11 counts of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity of former Liberian pres. The most pressing global problems simply won't be solved without the participation of women. Seriously, guys. Fair Use Notice: This page contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

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Human Rights. PDF File:. Wednesday, June 13, Quick info Human Rights. Tuesday, June 12, Monday, June 11, Friday, June 8, Thursday, June 7, Wednesday, June 6, Tuesday, June 5, Monday, June 4, Quick info Americas, Caribbean, Haiti.

Sunday, June 3, Saturday, June 2, Friday, June 1, Quick info Africa, Eastern Africa, Sudan. Thursday, May 31, Wednesday, May 30, Saturday, May 26, Ramachandran, a former director-general of police and current president of the Indian Police Foundation, an independent nongovernmental organization, told Human Rights Watch that the culture of investigation has to change in order to end torture in police custody:.

The Indian Penal Code has several provisions prohibiting custodial violence. For instance, under section of the code, voluntarily causing hurt for the purpose of extorting a confession or to compel restoration of property carries a punishment of up to seven years in prison and a fine. If the harm inflicted is grievous, the punishment can extend up to 10 years in prison. In , the Law Commission of India had recommended that the Indian Evidence Act, , be amended to stipulate that if a person suffers any bodily injury while in police custody, the courts may presume that the injury was caused by the police officer who had the custody of that person.

Basu lays down certain guidelines to establish mandatory procedures for police detention, including interrogation. Basu guidelines can be tried for contempt of court and also punished through departmental action. Because the Code of Criminal Procedure covers most of these guidelines, a failure to comply is also punishable under several provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

Basu is not just for ensuring the health of the accused, but also to ensure there is no tampering or falsification of evidence, timelines are not dodged, and torture does not happen. Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, in addition to police investigation, an inquiry by a judicial magistrate is mandatory in cases of death, enforced disappearance, or alleged rape in police custody.

All other cases of custodial death where the death is natural or caused by disease may be enquired into by an executive magistrate. The NHRC has issued guidelines requiring that police report every case of custodial death to the commission within 24 hours and that a magistrate should inquire into every case of death, preferably within three months.

Based on these findings, the NHRC can recommend compensation, but accountability remains a challenge. Section of the Code of Criminal Procedure provides immunity from prosecution to all public officials unless the government approves the prosecution. In a rare and important ruling in January , the sessions court in Mumbai convicted four police constables of culpable homicide for beating to death in custody a year-old suspect, Aniket Khicchi, in Crucially, while delivering the ruling , Judge S.

Bhosale noted that police failed to conduct an effective investigation into the death. The judge said the investigating officer did not have an expert examine the closed-circuit television footage, did not record the statement of the station house officer present on duty, did not examine the body immediately after death, and did not immediately order a post-mortem examination. In August , a two-judge bench of the Bombay High Court laid down some guidelines for the Maharashtra state government and the police to prevent custodial death, including mandatory use of closed-circuit cameras.

While the report is yet to be made public, news reports suggest that it lists over 40 recommendations, including wider use of closed-circuit television and measures to assess the medical needs and health of the arrested person. It also has authority to review and recommend measures to effectively implement human rights safeguards and to recommend that the government provide immediate interim relief to victims in the form of monetary compensation.

The National Human Rights Commission has established guidelines for arrest and detention. The investigation division of the NHRC is tasked with reviewing cases of custodial deaths. Human rights groups are largely skeptical because the division is composed of serving police officials; they do not receive additional human rights training, and have in practice tended to protect their colleagues. In many cases, police also want to help their fellow policemen.

The NHRC instituted a high-level advisory committee and submitted a set of recommendations to the central government in to amend the Protection of Human Rights Act to strengthen the functioning of the commission. The act was amended in , but significant problems remain. The amendments permit the NHRC to transfer complaints to state human rights commissions, undercutting the discretion of complainants who want to pursue their claims with the NHRC in light of its expertise and greater resources.

It noted that the NHRC was tightly controlled financially by the government of India and reported to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the same governmental department responsible for internal security, including police and other law and order officials, therefore undermining its independence.

The report stated:. In , the Supreme Court in a landmark decision, Prakash Singh v. Union of India , issued six binding directives to the central and state governments to kick-start police reforms. Initially, the Supreme Court itself monitored compliance, but in it set up a three-member monitoring committee under former Supreme Court justice K. Thomas with a two-year mandate to examine compliance by states and report back periodically. In August , the committee submitted its final report to the court expressing dismay over the total indifference to police reforms exhibited by states:.

Based on the monitoring committee report, the Supreme Court issued notices to four states—Maharashtra, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka—for non-compliance in November Directives aimed at enhancing police accountability are also pending. A December report by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative found that only six states and four union territories had police complaints authorities that were actually operational at the ground level.

Kerala is the only state that had one functioning at both the state and district levels. The report found that such authorities, where they existed, were dominated by bureaucrats and the police, serving and retired, with little representation from the community and civil society. The report card on establishment of state security commissions to ensure autonomy, the first directive of the court, has been no better.

According to a study by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative , 26 Indian states and three union territories had established State Security Commissions on paper, but they were functioning in only 14 states. In May , the lower house of the Indian parliament, the Lok Sabha, passed the Prevention of Torture Bill, which defines torture and prescribes conditions under which torture is punishable. While the bill was a step in the right direction, it fell short on several counts and drew much criticism from experts.

In August , the upper house of the parliament, the Rajya Sabha, referred the bill to a select committee for comments and suggestions. The select committee report, submitted in December , addressed several shortcomings in the bill and made suggestions for amendments.

But there have been no further efforts by the government to revise the bill and enact it. In May , the Home Ministry informed the parliament that the bill had lapsed in and that the government was examining a proposal to amend Indian Penal Code sections and , which deal with voluntarily causing hurt to extract confessions or to compel restoration of property.

India has numerous procedures and regulations to protect against torture and deaths in custody. The 17 custodial death cases documented in detail by Human Rights Watch—most of which occurred within 24 hours of the suspect being taken into custody—show that the police often flout Indian and international laws and guidelines governing arrest and detention. In this section, we draw on our case investigations to illustrate shortcomings in the following areas: police failures to abide by arrest rules, inform family members of arrests, and produce suspects before magistrates; failures by magistrates to fulfill their duties; and failures by police to ensure that detainees receive medical check-ups, as required by Indian law, to identify possible abuse.

On September 1, , Uttam Mal, 26, a migrant worker from Jharua village in Murshidabad district in West Bengal, was allegedly arrested by police from a park in Durgapur. In this case, the family members and witnesses accuse the police of violating arrest rules by failing to identify themselves at time of arrest and failing to prepare an arrest memo.

During the judicial inquiry, the police asserted that Mal died from injuries sustained when he tried to escape by jumping off the motorcycle of the arresting official. Mal was with two of his relatives, Bhanu Mal and Surjodhan Mal, when two officials from the Civic Police Volunteer Force at a police outpost reporting to the Durgapur police station approached and questioned them. Rahul Kumar Barua of the Civic Police Volunteer Force, one of the two officials who took Uttam Mal into custody, told the additional chief judicial magistrate at Durgapur during the judicial inquiry proceedings in July that he had received a complaint that some youth were drinking alcohol and were causing a nuisance.

Barua added that he asked his colleague Lambodar Mahato to take Mal for the medical test on his motorbike while Barua followed on his own bike. The judicial inquiry was not completed at time of writing but an internal departmental investigation conducted by the office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police East Asansol-Durgapur concluded that Mal did not die in police custody. Bhanu Mal, one of the witnesses to the arrest, told Human Rights Watch that the police officials had given them no information regarding their names or which police station they were from.

All they said is that we had some bad intention and started beating us. They did not give us any opportunity to ask questions. Janardhan, 29, worked for a private security firm as a supervisor in Hyderabad city. On August 4, , Janardhan died while in police custody. His family alleges he was detained illegally and died from police torture. According to his older brother, B.

Sadanand, when Janardhan was initially picked up on August 2, the family did not know that it was the police since the men were in civilian clothes and did not identify themselves. Sadanand said:. The next morning, on August 3, Sadanand went to the closest police station, Golconda, and lodged a missing person complaint. The police told him that they had relayed the message to all police stations on wireless but were unable to find his brother. According to Sadanand, on the morning of August 4, a sub-inspector from Golconda police station told him that his brother might be at the L.

Nagar police station. Sadanand told Human Rights Watch that when he went to L. Nagar police station, he did not find Janardhan there either. Family members said that while Sadanand was still at the L. Nagar police station, four policemen in civilian clothes brought Janardhan briefly to his house.

The family members allege that Janardhan was handcuffed, and that the officers repeatedly beat him. Sadanand alleged that police confiscated the family television set, a gold ring, and a gold chain, but later returned the television. That evening, on August 4, his family learned from a news broadcast that Janardhan had died. Sadanand told Human Rights Watch:. The police said Janardhan had been accused of theft and was picked up in the early hours of August 4 to assist in the search for another accused in the same case.

A senior police official told the media that Janardhan might have felt nervous and collapsed due to chest pain. Ramana Kumar admitted to the media that the police inspector, Mahender, had not informed his seniors of the investigations and had been negligent in his duty. Another team of police should have gone out in search of the other accused. The police violated several rules for arrest in this case including the requirement, drawn from the constitution, that when the police make an arrest without a warrant, they must inform the accused of the grounds for the arrest and the right to bail.

The family of Senthil Kumar, 33, alleges that he died from a severe beating by the police at the Vadamadurai police station in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu state. The police assert that Kumar died of a heart attack a few hours after he was arrested on the night of April 5, Police said they arrested Kumar after the son of the local ward councilor filed a complaint of threats, criminal intimidation, and extortion.

His brother, Sasi Kumar, said the police did not have an arrest warrant and did not show one when asked, instead beating up his brother. You go, your son will reach home in the morning. Police had failed to follow procedures and take Kumar for a medical check-up immediately after arrest.

According to witnesses, Julfar Shaikh, 35, was illegally detained by the police on November 28, Shaikh died on December 2, His family alleges that he died from injuries sustained during alleged police torture at the Dharavi police station in Mumbai.

The police reported that Shaikh died of a heart attack. Julfar Shaikh had hired the taxi of Inamul Shaikh no relation on November 28 to go to Bandra railway station to pick up a delivery for his employer. Inamul Shaikh said police officers slapped and beat them at the station for misbehaving with the two policemen. The next morning they informed a lawyer, Abhay Bhoir. But the court clerk had no record of the arrest. That afternoon, Shaikh was produced before the magistrate but Bhoir said he was surprised to see that police had shown the arrest date as November According to Dharavi police, they arrested Julfar Shaikh and Inamul Shaikh on November 29 in a trap set by them, and found counterfeit currency on the two men.

In this case, the police allegedly illegally detained Shaikh, did not inform his family of his arrest, did not prepare any official record of arrest until a day later, and did not produce him before a magistrate within 24 hours as required by law. He died the same day. The police assert that he committed suicide, but his wife, Reba Bibi, alleges his death was due to police torture.

Reba Bibi said that on the morning of February 15, about five police officers in civilian clothes came to their house. The police officials said they had an arrest warrant but did not show it to the family. Reba Bibi added that the police did not prepare an arrest memo or tell the family members why Molla was being arrested or where they were taking him. Reba Bibi and her mother-in-law went to the Raninagar police station that evening to see Molla but were not allowed to meet him.

We will beat him a lot more in the coming days. They were beating him with boots and slapping him. They also beat him with sticks. They went to the police station to inquire and were told that Molla had been admitted to Godhanpara primary hospital. But when they went to the hospital, they did not find him there. There, they found the body lying outside the mortuary under a tree, covered by a tarpaulin sheet. On May 8, , at about p.

The family alleges that the police refused to show an arrest warrant or divulge details of why Aziz was being arrested or where they were taking him. Medical College. When his son Jamshed asked the chief medical officer at the hospital what his father was being treated for, he was told Aziz had been declared dead on arrival. The police reported that Aziz died of a heart attack, but his family believes he died from mistreatment.

Agnelo Valdaris, 25, died on the morning of April 18, , three days after the police arrested him. Police officials at Wadala railway police station in Mumbai said that he was struck by a train after he tried to escape from custody. His family and those in custody with him allege that he died from police torture. Valdaris, Sufiyan Mohammad Khan, 23, Irfan Hajam, 19, and a year-old boy, were picked up by police at different locations between 11 p.

The police did not prepare any arrest memos or record their arrests at the police station. While arresting them, the policemen allegedly hit and handcuffed them. Sufiyan Mohammad Khan told Human Rights Watch that when he asked police officers why they were being handcuffed and what crime they had committed, one of the policemen slapped him and Hajam. The police took all three to a cabin at the Reay Road railway station where they beat them with sticks and belts. He and the three suspects picked up earlier were detained at the Wadala railway police station.

Under the Juvenile Justice Law, the child should have been placed under the charge of a special juvenile police unit or the designated child welfare public officer—he should not have been kept in police lock-up. The police officers allegedly beat and sexually abused all four suspects to confess to committing the robbery. Hajam alleged that he was stripped and forced to lie naked on a table and then beaten so hard that he fell unconscious.

Then another police official entered the room, threw a bucket of water on him, and accused him of pretending to faint. Hajam, in his statement to the Central Bureau of Investigation in July , said:. Hajam says he was tied up and hung upside down with an iron rod inserted between his legs and arms. He was then beaten with a wooden stick and belt. Hajam said he was terrified and so confessed to committing the robbery. To escape torture, Sufiyan, Irfan, and the boy later told the police that Valdaris had hidden the stolen property.

They also kicked him repeatedly in his chest. When he reached the hospital, a police officer told him that Agnelo had died after being hit by a train, trying to escape custody. He had multiple fresh external injuries on his head and face, arms, left shoulder, chest, abdomen, and both legs. He had fractured ribs and internal lung injuries.

The report also noted that several injuries on his back, legs, arms, and wrists were over a day old, suggesting that he suffered some of his injuries while in police custody. Altaf Kadir Shaikh, 22, died on September 11, , while in custody at the Ghatkopar police station. Mehrunisa Shaikh said that early in the morning on September 11, four policemen from Ghatkopar police station came to her house in civilian clothes, wearing no identification tags, and asked for her son Altaf.

She said she recognized them as policemen because they had come earlier to arrest her son. According to Mehrunisa, the police officials dragged her son outside the house and beat and punched him, then dragged him to a nearby auto rickshaw and left. They told Mehrunisa to come to the police station the next morning. An investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation later confirmed that the police did not prepare an arrest memo and had held Shaikh unlawfully.

Mehrunisa said when she reached the hospital, she was told her son was dead. According to Mehrunisa, her son was only wearing a shirt and underwear, and had several injuries on his body. She said the police put pressure on her and her family members to quickly take the body and bury it.

However, an autopsy report found that Shaikh had eight external injuries and scalp contusions. While the post-mortem reserved judgment on. International human rights law obligates the government to notify family members that a relative has been detained.

Enforced disappearances are grave crimes because they often result in other serious violations of human rights, including torture and extrajudicial execution. At the place of detention, an entry must be made in the police diary regarding the arrest. The name of the person who has been informed of the arrest and the names and particulars of the police officials in whose custody the arrested person is should also be entered into the diary.

A police control room should be provided at all district and state headquarters where information regarding the names and addresses of the persons arrested and the name and designation of the police officers who made the arrest should be prominently displayed. The state police headquarters is also required to maintain a database of information regarding all arrests made by the police so that this information is easy accessible to the public. In several cases documented by Human Rights Watch, police did not inform family members of the arrest or where they had detained their loved one.

Some examples of failure to inform family members were included in the case examples detailed above. Janardhan, while police claim they picked him up only on August 4, , the day he died, family members allege police picked him up on August 2, beating him in the interim and causing his death.

Kazi Nasiruddin, 35, a local leader with the Trinamool Congress Party, the ruling political party in West Bengal state, was detained on January 18, , in Hooghly district in West Bengal state. His family alleges that the police did not inform them of the arrest or where Nasiruddin was being held. His wife, Manaza Bibi, told Human Rights Watch that she only learned of it when her neighbor Jamshed, who witnessed the arrest, told her and her family.

At about p. Manaza Bibi says that when his brother Shamshuddin went to the police station,. The police finally handed over the body to the Chuchura morgue. The judges noted that the arrest memo was signed by a person who was neither a relation nor a friend of the arrested person, and the police had failed to inform a friend or relative of the arrest, in violation of D. Basu guidelines.

Obaidur Rahman, 52, a farmer in Sonakul village in Malda district in West Bengal, was wanted by the police in a criminal case arising out of a land dispute with his neighbor. The police, however, deny taking him into custody, saying that he fell ill while he was outside the police station and that they merely brought him to the hospital.

The family alleged the police beat him up while arresting him. The policemen did not have an arrest warrant with them, nor did they provide any information regarding where and why they were taking him, his wife, Sanoara Begum, told Human Rights Watch.

The police said that Rahman became unwell in front of the Harishchandrapur police station at about p. There the doctors referred him to the medical college hospital in Malda and the police transported him there. The family alleges that when his condition continued to deteriorate in the Malda hospital, the doctors there suggested taking him to a hospital in Kolkata but the police refused.

So the family wrote to the superintendent of police requesting that he be taken to a hospital in Kolkata for further care. Following the letter to the superintendent of police, police personnel took Rahman to the Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata, where he was declared dead on arrival. The post-mortem determined that no internal or external injuries could be detected and Rahman died because of brain stem hemorrhage due to a cerebrovascular accident, the medical term for a stroke.

Syed Mohammed, 23, a resident of S. Pattinam in Ramanathapuram district, was picked up by police on October 14, , after he allegedly got into a dispute with the owner of a bike repair workshop opposite the S. Pattinam police station. Sub-Inspector A. Kalidoss fatally shot Mohammed inside the station between 3 p. The family says that police did not inform them of the arrest and that they only came to know about the incident from a friend who called them to say that he had seen Mohammed in an ambulance with police.

Kalidoss claims the shooting was in self-defense, saying that Mohammed had attacked him with a knife during interrogation. In addition, the report noted 10 other injuries, such as contusions bruises to the left and right thighs, left and right knees, right shoulder, and back of the right thigh. On December 7, , police in Murshidabad district in West Bengal state arrested year-old Safikul Haque on charges of murdering a former politician.

Haque died a month later on January 7, , while in judicial custody. His wife, Sakena Bibi, alleged that the police failed to inform her or any other family member where they were taking him. But when she arrived there an hour later, they said he was not there. She then went to the Berhampore police station an hour away, but was told by the police he was not there either.

But she did not find him there either. Sakena and some other family members went to Lalbagh court and found Haque in court lock-up. According to Sakena, Haque told her that the police had taken him to Bhagwangola police station where he had been beaten for five hours. The inquest report by an executive magistrate found wound marks on his left wrist, left knee, and left leg.

Appu, 27, died in police custody in Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh state on December 9, On December 9 at about 3 a. About an hour later, when some more policemen came to inform her of his death, they said he had died of poisoning.

The police initially arrested Appu on December 7, and detained him in the lock-up at Daurala police station. His mother says she learned of his arrest not from the police but from her landlord the same day, and went to visit him on December 8. There were three other men in there with him. He waved at me. I went to him. He was healthy, even asked if I was taking my medicine. Sarla Devi told them she would go the next day since it was already late at night.

But after about an hour, four other policemen came to her door. Sarla Devi said they looked worried and told her he had been shifted to the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel hospital nearby and had died. Sarla Devi and her elder son, Chandan, went to the hospital along with a local political leader. According to Chandan, the police then said Appu had hanged himself.

Chandan said he did not see any external injuries on the body except the marks of a rope around the neck. The police failed to promptly notify the family of the reason for his arrest and violated several other procedural safeguards in the case. A team of seven policemen, part of the Special Operations Group—an elite counterinsurgency group—arrested Ramu Singh, who was accused in a criminal case, together with his brother Shyamu Singh, claiming the two were identical twins.

Police say that they initially detained both to ensure they had the right brother because the two refused to confirm their identities. Police further claim that they identified Ramu before reaching Kwarsi police station and released Shyamu, but that Shyamu decided to follow them to the police station on his own initiative.

Ramu disputes virtually every aspect of the police account: he says the brothers were born a year apart and did not look identical, and that both were taken directly to Talanagari police station, not to Kwarsi station where the case against him was registered. Talanagari station is said to be secluded with no homes close by. According to Ramu and other villagers, it has a reputation as a place where police take accused persons to beat them up.

Ramu told Human Rights Watch that he and his brother were stripped down to their underwear at the station and then searched. He said:. While Ramu was locked up at the station, Shyamu was taken to a hospital where he died. Police told the family that Shyamu committed suicide by consuming poison. Trombay police said they arrested Sachin Dhage, 27, on February 14, , at p.

He died in police custody on February The police asserted that Dhage died a natural death due to excessive alcohol consumption. They said they took Dhage for a medical check-up at p. His family, however, alleges that Dhage died from police beatings. Then Shrisath took him to the police station, saying he needed to talk to an officer and would be out in a few minutes. Instead, his family says, the police detained Dhage, letting Shrisath go home.

Police said they took Sachin Dhage to the hospital on February 15 because he had convulsions and had fallen unconscious. After his condition worsened, his relatives transferred him to a private hospital on February Dhage died the next morning. Additionally, the autopsy report lists five injuries that were caused by a hard and rough or blunt object.

Copies of all documents related to arrest, including the memo of arrest, should be sent to the magistrate in the area. In practice, police sometimes detain suspects for longer periods before obtaining such orders so that they can interrogate them at length before having to produce them before a magistrate. Some examples of failure to produce were already included in the case examples detailed above.

For instance, B. No magistrate learned of the arrest of Agnelo Valdaris either. In most of the custodial death cases documented by Human Rights Watch, the persons arrested died within hours of their detention and therefore were never produced before a magistrate. National Crime Records Bureau data from to shows that of people who died in police custody died before police obtained an order from a magistrate authorizing their custody.

Rules are set out to ensure interrogation is just and is free of coercion. Details of all police personnel handling interrogation of the arrested persons should be recorded in a register. He added, however, that it is difficult for magistrates to determine whether the person arrested was tortured by the police before being produced in court. Human Rights Watch also documented cases in which the police denied taking victims into custody at all, thereby eliminating any need to produce the victim before a magistrate.

The D. Basu guidelines require judicial magistrates in India to inspect arrest memos and all other documents forwarded by the police, ensuring that they are proper. Magistrates should note whether all D. Basu requirements have been followed. Magistrates too often fail to fully carry out these duties, including in cases that have resulted in detainee deaths. One step that some magistrates fail to take is insisting that police produce suspects in court.

Rights groups and lawyers say that detainees are often kept in court lock-ups while the lawyer presents documents to the magistrate. If the magistrate does not insist on meeting the detainee, the latter has no direct opportunity to make complaints about torture or other mistreatment, and the magistrate is not able to see for himself any physical evidence of mistreatment. Safikul Haque of West Bengal, for example, was allegedly tortured and denied medical care after being arrested.

Under the Indian Code of Criminal Procedure, everyone should be examined soon after arrest by a medical doctor, with all existing injuries recorded in a report. The medical report must be signed by both the arrested person and the police officer making the arrest, and a copy of the report should be provided to the arrested person.

In other cases, the police neglect to call for medical care even when the arrested person complains of pain and discomfort. In a case described above, police in Dharavi, Mumbai, allegedly arrested Julfar Shaikh on the evening of November 28, , but only took him for the required medical examination at 4 a. In his statement, Inamul Shaikh said that on the way to the hospital a constable had warned them not to mention the beatings to the doctor.

In a case described above, police officials from the Wadala railway police station arrested Agnelo Valdaris, Sufiyan Mohammad Khan, Irfan Hajam, and a year-old on the night of April , They were not taken for a mandatory medical check-up until over 24 hours later. According to the three others arrested, Valdaris complained of chest pain after being repeatedly kicked by policemen on his chest and being beaten with a belt and stick.

Instead, when Valdaris began to froth at his mouth, one of the officers put an onion and a slipper next to his mouth and told him to lick them. The three other suspects said the police threatened them not to say anything regarding the beatings during medical examination or else they would be beaten even more severely, so they kept quiet. However, Valdaris, who was taken for a check-up later, after the other three, complained to the doctor that he was assaulted by police officials while in custody.

But he said the police did not heed his advice. Agnelo later died of serious injuries, but police claim the injuries resulted not from police abuse but from Agnelo being hit by a train while trying to escape police custody. In a third case described above, Safikul Haque, arrested by West Bengal police in December and allegedly beaten with a stick and kicked, complained while in police custody of pain in his spine and chest, and of breathlessness. According to his wife, Haque was denied medical care for five days.

She said:. When Haque was remanded to judicial custody on December 12, , the judge directed that he receive medical assistance at the prison hospital. However, his health continued to deteriorate, his wife said. His wife told Human Rights Watch that when she saw him at the hospital he was in considerable pain:. A judicial inquiry found that Haque died of cardiogenic shock arising from a respiratory problem, and noted that there was a delay by the prison authorities in taking him to a hospital, albeit unintentional.

Shaik Hyder, 25, of Nagaram village, Nizamabad district in Telangana state, was arrested by the police on March 21, , for alleged bicycle theft. He died the same day in police custody, according to the police as a result of injuries sustained when he tried to escape. According to the First Information Report FIR filed by the police against Hyder, he was booked under penal code sections and following a complaint for theft at p.

According to the second FIR, this incident took place at p. They said the police called them at about 1 p. Instead, the police put Hyder in an auto-rickshaw and asked his sister and brother to take him to a nearby hospital. After two hours at the hospital, the doctors there asked the family to take Hyder to a hospital in Hyderabad city for better care.

The police arranged for an ambulance to take Hyder to Hyderabad, where he was declared dead on arrival. Bound as they are by the ties of brotherhood, it is not unknown that police personnel prefer to remain silent and more often than not even pervert the truth to save their colleagues.

State of M. In most of the cases documented by Human Rights Watch, police failed to follow procedures governing investigation of custodial deaths. In this section, we draw on our case investigations to illustrate the central reasons for continued police impunity, including weak or biased police investigations, resistance to filing FIRs against police, evidence-tampering, and the occasional failure by magistrates to insist on seeing suspects in person at the start of their detention.

Section of the Code of Criminal Procedure provides immunity from prosecution to all public officials for actions they undertake in carrying out their official duties, unless the government approves the prosecution. This provision is intended to ensure government officials are able to perform their duties without fear of malicious prosecution.

Courts have held, however, that prior approval is required only if police commit an act as part of their official duties, pointing out that illegal detention or assaulting or killing someone in lock-up is not part of their duties. For instance, in P. Unnikrishnan v. Puttiyottil Alikutty , a case where two police officers were accused of illegally detaining the complainant for several days and torturing him, the Supreme Court held that:. However, authorities often ignore limits set out by courts and instead use the section immunity provision to resist filing complaints against police officers and to deny or delay prosecutions.

State authorities also back police accused of wrongdoing in other ways.

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Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Pakistan Today. Iqbal Lands in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Above the Law. Is brand Trump in a decline? Role and responsibility of Kashmiri diaspora. Punjab approves development schemes of Rs Three killed in Karachi factory fire.

China spacecraft enters Mars orbit, 2nd in two days after UAE. Four blasts hit Kabul, district police chief among dead. Pakistan look to correct poor recent form in T20Is. Nadal, Barty advance in straight sets at Australia Open. Coach Misbah aims high after South Africa sweep. January 17, AQI reading for provincial capital was recorded at on Sunday afternoon. By INP. Previous article Provinces, private sector can import, distribute approved vaccines: minister.

Next article PDM meeting to mull postponement of further protests. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. The Sakinaka police said Anerao asked Madhura and Ameya to get money from an acquaintance in Virar at 6. In the suicide note, Anerao said he poisoned his daughters as he did not want to leave them behind. He wrote he could not get himself to kill his son and wife.

Sign in Hi, Sign out. Home India News Cities. In his suicide note, Mangesh alleged that his family members wanted to sell the house in which all of them were staying together. HT photo mumbai news. Mangesh Anerao left behind a suicide note alleging he took the extreme step owing to pressure and harassment by his family members.

Enter your email to get our daily newsletter in your inbox Subscribe Now. Get our daily newsletter in your inbox Subscribe. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. HT Photo mumbai news. By HT Correspondent , Mumbai. By Faisal Malik , Mumbai. Says MVA blaming Centre to hide its failure; state says he should speak about how Centre failed to help amid pandemic.

As per the jail manual, undertrials are allowed to use the phone four times a month, while convicts are allowed the use of it twice a month. By Surendra P Gangan , Mumbai. A healthcare worker collects a swab sample of a woman to test for Covid infection, in Bhiwandi. After a gap of 21 days, the state recorded more than 3, new Covid cases in a day.

While there has been improvement in terms of recorded number of cases, officials expressed concern that the daily average has plateaued instead of falling. AFP mumbai news. MPA is now in talks with as many corporate spaces, business parks and business districts, to take them on board and use their parking spaces for public parking.


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28 January 2021

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As Cleaton was reversing, she ran over Sakena's toe. felony hit and run as a principal in the second degree by aiding and abetting Thomas. Sakena Naser signed in 6 hours. Makayla The other three officers were charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder, aiding and a Read more. His wife, Sakena Bibi, alleged that the police failed to inform her or any for wrongful confinement, voluntarily causing hurt, abetting suicide.